Club Tune Sets

Reel Set:
The Silver Spear
Rolling In The Rye Grass

Reel Set:
Teampall an Gleanntan
Gone For His Tea

Jig Set:
Maureen's Fancy
Barrel Rafferty's

Polka Set:
Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt
Thompson's Catty

Slip Jigs:
To Limerick We Go

Plains Of Boyle
Bantry Bay

Complete List:

Rolling in the Ryegrass - Jerry O’Sullivan
Jer the Rigger - Jerry O’Sullivan
McKenna’s (Going to the Well for Water) - Jerry O’Sullivan
The Dairy Maid - David Power
Alexander’s March - David Power
The Golden Keyboard - Jerry O’Sullivan
John Kelly’s - Cillian Vallely
Droney’s - Rich Wolff
Con Cassidy’s - Rich Wolff
The Silver Spear - Ivan Goff
Lough Gill or the Mill Pond - Michael Cooney
The Italian Mazurka - Michael Cooney
The Shaskeen Hornpipe and Jig - Michael Cooney
Higgins Hornpipe - Bill Ochs
Dennis Murphy’s Slide - Bill Ochs
Maureen’s Fancy - Rich Wolff
The Blooming Meadow - Michael Cooney
East at Glendart - Mattie Connolly
The Bush Hornpipe - Bill Ochs
Did you Wash Your Fathers Shirt - Rich Wolff
Gone for his Tea - Kara Doyle
If There Weren’t .. Women in the World - Rich Wolff
The Moneymusk - Rich Wolff
An Buachaill Caol Dubh - Liam O’Neill
The New Broom - Jerry O’Sullivan
The Colliers (Jig version) - Michael Cooney
The Colliers (Reel version) - Michael Cooney
Gan Anim Slide - Jerry O’Sullivan
Jig in G - Jerry O’Sullivan
Tom Billy’s Polka - Jerry O’Sullivan
Farewell to Hewlett - Martin McCormack
Moll Rua - Martin McCormack
Teampall an Ghlenntan - Rich Wolff
The Hard Road to Passage - Tommy Martin
A Tommy Keane tune - Rich Wolff
Old version of The Dawning of the Day - Rich Wolff
Murphy's - Jerry O’Sullivan
Larry McDonough’s - Rich Wolff
The Star Above the Garter
To Limerick We Go
Limerick is Beautiful
Tom's - Michael Cooney
The First House In Connaught - Jerry O’Sullivan
I Buried My Wife - Rich Wolff
Connaught Heifers - Cillian Vallely
Mrs. Crowley’s - Rich Wolff
The Hard Road To Passage - Tommy Martin
Sean Bui - Cillian Vallely
The Quarrelsome Piper - Jerry O’Sullivan
O Dilin O Dheamhas O Di - Jerry O’Sullivan
The Maid That Dare Not Tell - Jerry O’Sullivan
Petticoat Loose - Jim Reilly
Jack Coen’s Jig - Tracey Kingsley
Wellington’s Advance - Jerry O’Sullivan
Glassagh Highland - Jerry O’Sullivan
Barrel Rafferty's Jig
The Dusty Miller


A Piper in the streets today
Set up, and tuned, and started to play, 
And away, away, away on the tide 
Of his music we started; on every side 
Doors and windows were opened wide, 
And men left down their work and came, 
And women with petticoats coloured like flame. 
And little bare feet that were blue with cold, 
Went dancing back to the age of gold, 
And all the world went gay, went gay, 
For half an hour in the street today.

by: Seamus O'Sullivan